Anonymous asked:

Robyn, you should watch this video from yesterday show where Harry grabs his crotch when he saw this girl Larry sign. He then turned back to her and made a clear thumb up !! So cute. I don't know how to put the link here but with the title you'll find it quickly on Youtube. Credit to the girl : "Harry Seeing Larry sign/Dancing with Niall" by abryant968

stylesforstiles answered:

the girls screaming ‘I got it, I got it’, amazing (xx) does anyone know what the sign said? because that was a double take and thumbs up


Apparently the sign said “LARRY 4 EVER”, this is the other girl that made it, she uploaded another version of the same video to Instagram (it’s less shaky and a bit wider, but the quality is lower) here. Audrey pointed it out to me.